Meet the Mays Family

Tell Us About Your Family

We are a family of six – Daniel, Laura, Asher (3), Twins – Annika and Trygg (4 mo) and dog Macallan. We live in the 710 Building in the North Loop. Daniel is an owner of Stinson Wine Beer and Spirits in North East Minneapolis and Laura works at Digital River in Minnetonka.

What first drew you to living downtown?

We’ve lived downtown for over 15 years. We were drawn in by the ability to live close to work and enjoy all the great features of being centrally located, i.e. mass transit, quick access to the river and parks, sporting, music and theater events held blocks away along with a vibrancy and energy only found downtown.

Why do you choose to stay here?

For the same reason we were drawn to the city; the North Loop continues to expand into an even more vibrant neighborhood. And now that we have children we love the close proximity to libraries, museums, bike trails and more. We invested more in a stroller than a car seat knowing we would take advantage of everything outside our doors.

What is your favorite thing about living downtown?

In addition to all of the points above, the community and neighborhood atmosphere are a major highlight. Our kids love being welcomed into our neighbor’s homes and being remembered and known by the local business owners. Even though we live in a big city, there is a small town feel within the neighborhoods. The locally owned and locally run shops and restaurants add a unique and close knit feel also. We can walk or bike to almost anything we’d need.

What is your least favorite thing about living downtown?

It’s hard to say something is our “least favorite”, but an annoyance is cars that speed by quickly. I think some more stop signs will make dog walking and stroller crossing feel safer.

What would make living downtown even better?

The ability to have a larger garden space within a community garden would make downtown living near perfect. We are blessed with a large patio and therefore maintain a decent vegetable container garden, but more space means more veggies and gardening fun.

What is your favorite family activity here?

Biking. Walking. Meeting so many neighbors at the park. Having so many options for activities so nearby.

Do you have a favorite family-friendly business (restaurant, coffee shop, store, etc.)?

Hard to pick just one . . . so here are two of our favorites (but we have many more).

Fulton Brewery – the games bookshelf includes Cooties, Chutes and Ladders and other games that keep our kids entertained for at least 1-2 (or more) pints. The staff is fantastic, always excited to welcome our kids. Sunday afternoons are a great time to visit as there is often live music that little ones can jump and dance to while mom and dad drink great beer.

Corner Coffee – from sponsoring neighborhood activities (Easter Egg Hunt), to a kiddie sized table with books and games and even the ability to reserve (free!) their downstairs kids play area, they are the best kid-oriented coffee shop in the neighborhood. We enjoy Saturday mornings as local residents meet up to jam on their guitars and sing. Our littles like to sway long to the music while enjoying their breakfast sandwich and hot chocolate.

What advice would you give to someone who may be considering becoming a “downtown family?”

Just do it. You don’t need a yard; the neighborhood park is great – you don’t have to mow the grass and your kids will always find playmates to enhance their fun. You don’t need a lot of space. All 3 of our kids share a bedroom (with no door!) – and they sleep soundly through the night. Plus it’s the best excuse to politely decline baby/kid stuff and toys that people try to offer. (“Sorry, we don’t have room for your old bouncy chair, swing and jumparoo.”)

How long have you lived downtown?

5 years +