New Cub Scout Pack in Downtown Minneapolis

A new Cub Scout Pack 33, is starting up for the families in and around Downtown Minneapolis!  Cub Scouting has a lot to offer boys aged 5-10 and with the large number of young families in the area now is a great time to look at Cub Scouts.  On Tuesday Sept 29th we began the signup process with the first few applications for Scouts and Leaders.  We have the adult leadership team in place, now we need to signup Scouts!  Our goal is a first kickoff pack meeting in October.  We can take applications by email.
The Pack is being sponsored by Boy Scout troop 33, which has been operating in Downtown Minneapolis for 97 years under the sponsorship of Westminster Presbyterian Church.  Pack 33 will be an inclusive and welcoming group that will give your son fun experiences while he learns and makes strong friendships.
For more information email Mike Hess at [email protected].  We willl also post information to the Pack Facebook page “Cub Scout Pack 33 Downtown Minneapolis”.
For information on cub Scouts in general visit Cub Scouts – Official Home  Hope to see you and your son at scouts!