Meet the Ridgeway/Munene Family

Tell Us About Your Family

As a New Jersey born & raised Designer my childhood was spent in a variety of urban environments on the east coast. This exposure has been a large influence in my life. I currently work at an Architecture firm in the NE Arts District and enjoy spending my free time with my lively four year old daughter who attends Pre-K at Child Garden Montessori in Loring Park.

What first drew you to downtown living?

My father’s art studio, ArtLab111, is located in the North Loop so I’ve known the area well. In 2013, my daughter and I moved to a North Loop rental. Wanting something more permanent yet still very walkable, I moved to a comfortable 2 bedroom loft in downtown NE. Having Webster Elementary, the new grade school within walking distance is a huge benefit…and yes this was planned.

Why do you choose to stay here?

This was always what I had in mind.

What is your favorite thing about living downtown?

I love raising my daughter here because of the proximity to amenities and the energy of the urban core..

What is your least favorite thing about living downtown?

I dislike seeing trash on the ground, downtown areas tend to have more litter.

What would make living downtown even better?

Street-cars, bus-rapid transit, more pocket parks, and greater street-life would enhance downtown.

What is your favorite family activity here?

We love biking through the city, including but not limited to the Cedar Trail, Loring Greenway, and Grand Rounds Scenic Byway. My family frequently visits the Central Library, ArtLab111, the 4th Avenue Playground and the River District. We also enjoy exploring neighboring areas such as the Wedge, Whittier, and the Arts District. To top it off, all of these places are within a short bike ride.

Do you have a favorite family-friendly business (restaurant, coffee shop, store, etc.)?

Our family frequents Brasa, Moose & Sadie’s, Punch Pizza, Surdyk’s Cheese Shop and Toast Wine Bar.

What advice would you give to someone who may be considering becoming a “downtown family?”


How long have you lived downtown?

2 years