Meet the Schiff Family

Tell Us About Your Family

We are the Schiffs. We live at Renaissance on the River in the North Loop. Sally (wife and mother) works at Target. Adam (husband and father) works for an elected official. Sadie (daughter) attends New Horizons.

What first drew you to living downtown?

We were drawn to Downtown living because of the easy access to all amenities. We can walk to the park. We can walk to the grocery store. We can walk to endless family-friendly restaurants. In the summer, on the weekends, we never get into our car.

Why do you choose to stay here?

We have made great friends living Downtown. Most of our Sadie’s friends live within walking distance.

What is your favorite thing about living downtown?

We don’t waste time in our car. We can get to the library, to the park, to Target, and to the grocery store via walking.

What is your least favorite thing about living downtown?

We do wish that some of the streets were more pedestrian-friendly. North Loop public works has not caught up with the population influx.

What would make living downtown even better?

There is never enough green space. A school within walking distance would be a great addition too.

What is your favorite family activity here?

We love our Saturday mornings. We go to a music class at MacPhail (in the summer, we walk). Then we go to brunch at one of the family friendly North Loop restaurants. We love Moose and Sadie’s, but we are also big fans of  Freehouse.

Do you have a favorite family-friendly business (restaurant, coffee shop, store, etc.)?

Moose and Sadie’s and Freehouse. They love families, and we love them.

What advice would you give to someone who may be considering becoming a “downtown family?”

You may think it is difficult, but it’s not. Everything is easy, and there is a great Community waiting to welcome you to the neighborhood.

How long have you lived downtown?

1-5 years