Meet the Webb Family

Tell Us About Your Family

Brent and Nora Webb live in a 2 bedroom loft in the North Loop with our 15 month old son Holden, 6 year old Golden Retriever Brinkley and 16 year old cat Hennessy. Brent is with Greco, a real estate development and property management firm based in the North Loop. Nora is with Verve Realty in the Nicollet Island/East Bank neighborhood.

Why do you choose to stay here?

We live downtown because we like low-maintenance living, the beauty of historic loft spaces, walking to neighborhood spots like restaurants and farmers markets, and raising our family in a diverse and beautiful city. We are super excited that Webster Elementary will be opening this fall and serving all downtown and near NE families together.

What is your favorite thing about living downtown?

We plan on having a second child and have heard several times “you’ll need a bigger place”. But we love (and strive for) the simplicity that loft living requires. Our young children can share a bedroom and our family will spend time together when we are home… Necessity breeds opportunity and this is a lifestyle we enjoy.

What would make living downtown even better?

We love the downtown hustle and bustle, but the North Loop is in a housing and business boom leading to more traffic and pedestrians. Traffic control, bike lanes and pedestrian paths need to catch up. And we’d love to see more green. Minneapolis is know for it’s green spaces and the North Loop is lacking.

What is your favorite family activity here?

Just spending time in the neighborhood. Most restaurants are family friendly and we see neighbors we know every time we are out. There is a friendly, diverse and involved community here.

How long have you lived downtown?

1-5 years